Baj-Caproni-CA100He was born in 1950 and got his private license in 1970 at Como seaplane base.

In 1980 he started to be involved in the management of the flight school of Aero Club Como, largely the most important, not to say the only one in the European continent. He has been appointed as ground instructor, head of training, member of the Board of Directors and served as president for 12 years, until 2013.

During four and half decades of water flying he flew more than 30 types of seaplanes in three continents, including a few vintage seaplanes. He organized complex expeditions and opened to seaplane operations hundreds of water surfaces all over Europe.

Baj is the author of one of the most diffused manuals on how to fly seaplanes, “Seaplane Operations”, translated into Italian, French and Russian. He also wrote a specific book on how to fly and operate Lake amphibians, two books on the century-old history of water flying on Lake Como and a book o memoirs, telling stories and adventures lived in decades of flight activity.

He managed the purchase of tens of seaplanes in the USA and Canada and provided consultancy to private pilots, operators and aviation authorities in Europe and to an operator in China.

He is an aviation photographer and, as a pilot, an expert in shootings for the film and advertising industry.

He is the Field Director for Italy of the Seaplane Pilots Association and a member of the Disciplinary Commission of Aero Club d’Italia, the national federation of the Italian aero clubs.
He is also a member of the IFFR, the International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians.

Baj had a parallel professional life in the editorial field. He started as a science writer and founded a private radio and a local newspaper, of which he was the CEO for almost two decades.

Thanks to his experience as a pilot and as a manager in the aviation field and in the media, Baj is in possession of all instruments to accomplish his beloved mission : promoting water flying in every possible aspect all over the world.

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