An abundance of water surfaces, a modern economic and social environment, the presence of masses of visitors and a number of places of interest close to a water surface are all positive factors that can encourage local authorities and forward-thinking operators to set up useful and profitable seaplane services.
The setting up a seaplane operation is a very specialized task. The expertise in this field is very specific and is found within a relatively few organizations around the world.
The Seaplane Team offers a comprehensive consultancy service on the setting up of seaplane operations, seaplane bases and flight schools for seaplane pilots all over the planet.
The Seaplane Team grew from a rib of Aero Club Como, Italy, the oldest seaplane operation in the world and the largest in Europe. There have been valuable contributions from the world of water flying in the Seattle area of the USA, and from the world of commercial operations and airlines.
The Team is composed of dedicated and enthusiastic people with a real wealth of experience in flying seaplanes, in the management of seaplane operations, and in the setting up of companies, ranging from small flight schools to airlines.
The study of the environment, the definition of the regulations with the authorities, the analysis of the market, the setting up of the business, the choice and purchase of aircraft, the recruiting and formation of the personnel and a complete assistance in the start-up phase and beyond is what the Seaplane Team offers.
The Seaplane Team can also count on the services provided by the world’s leading flight schools, suppliers, maintenance facilities and specialists.


The consultancy service

The Seaplane Team offers a progressive consultancy service in four phases.

  • PHASE 1 – Preliminary Assessment
  • PHASE 2 – Feasibility Study
  • PHASE 3 – Start up
  • PHASE 4 – Routine management / assistance

The consultancy service progresses by steps. At the accomplishment of every step the results are analyzed and the necessary actions and corrections undertaken.


PHASE 1 – Preliminary Assessment

When considering setting up a charter company or flight school, the first step is to carry out a feasibility study, ensure any possible obstacles can be removed, and prepare a business plan
and budget.
Before the demanding work of the Feasibility Study itself, the Seaplane Team carries out a Preliminary Assessment, where all the factors are analyzed in general terms and a provisional budget is prepared.
The areas investigated are the following :

  • Regulations affecting the operation of seaplanes while operating on water
  • Regulations affecting traffic on inland waters and on the sea
  • Regulations affecting flight
  • Regulations affecting the maintenance of aircraft
  • Fiscal regulations affecting the importation, certification and operation of seaplanes
  • The type of transport needed in the region and the services being supplied to prospective customers
  • The hydrological environment
  • The area’s climate and weather
  • The type of aircraft needed
  • Interaction with other transport networks
  • Interaction with the local community
  • The infrastructures needed for the activity
  • The availability of materials, manpower and services needed for the business
  • Brand and the public image
  • Promotional strategy
  • Other technical and marketing factors
PHASE 2 – Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study deals with all the issues examined in the Preliminary Assessment, with a deeper analysis of every factor in relation to the operation to be set up.


PHASE 3 – Start-up

If the project is deemed feasible and the authorizations are granted by the authorities, the next step is the setting up of the infrastructures in the chosen place or places, the engagement of staff, the purchase of aircraft and the actual start-up of the business.


PHASE 4 – Routine management / Assistance

Continuous consultancy can be provided once the business has been set up.



The Seaplane Team aims to make the initial decision process easy and offers a consultancy service for the Preliminary Assessment for a nominal fee just to cover the expenses.
The consultancy at subsequent steps is contractually agreed for each phase.
At the end of every phase both parties have the right of termination if the business proves not to be feasible or if either party breaches terms.


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