Aero Club Como participates with its seaplanes, boats and land vehicles in the Civil Protection activities of several public agencies.

The personnel and many volunteers are trained for a variety of special missions.


Left, detecting an oil spill from a seaplane.
Center, analysis of the water.
Right, rescue training for dogs.


Transporting small fish from a lake to another for the Department of Fisheries. The quick transport system limits to a minimum the losses during the transfer. These operations are managed by Team’s member Giorgio Porta.


Typical missions of public interest executed with the equipment of a seaplane base.
Top left, securing a sunk boat. Center, monitoring a landslip.
Above, right, rescue of a meteorological probe fallen into the lake. Center, testing a new inflatable anti-flood barrier.
Right, an article telling the story of a person rescued by a seaplane pilot from a speedboat sunk in January, in the freezing waters of Lake Como, with no other boat on the whole lake that could provide help.


To be familiar with water means to be familiar with water-based animals. Above, first aid service for the benefit of the fauna living at Como seaplane base.