Como has a long tradition in supplying aviation consultancy.

Felice Torelli, a fighter pilot during WW1, later a test pilot of FIAT aircraft, was an instructor at Aero Club Como in the thirties.

In 1935 he was requested to go to China with the Italian Aeronautical Mission, in order to set up Chiang Kay Shek’s national air force.

The Mission accomplished many tasks: the construction of airports, the setting up of airplane and engine factories, the formation of pilots, the organization of an air transport system and various logistic services.
Felice Torelli, thanks to his experience as an instructor, was responsible for the formation of pilots.

He wrote a book of memoirs on his aeronautical experience, “Adventures of a pioneer of aviation”, with chapters on his activity at Como Seaplane Base and in China.


Torelli with his Chinese interpreter.
The book of memoirs written by Torelli.
The first 100 Chinese pilots, with the Italian instructors.
Torelli is the third from right in the second row.
One of the “standard airport building” constructed by the Italian Mission.