In Italy, as well as in a fistful of other countries, regulations affecting seaplane operations are in force since the glorious twenties and thirties of the last century.

These regulations are now studied and in many cases copied by the authorities of countries where specific regulations do not exist or went lost after WW2.

The Seaplane Team offers a consultancy service to such authorities, willing to promote water flying in their countries.

The goal is to set standards granting a high level of safety but also the level of freedom requested in seaplane activities.

Aero Club Como participated in the rulemaking process concerning seaplanes with the Aviation Authorities of many European countries and EASA.

In this page is exposed the case of the consultancy offered to the French Authorities.

The aim of the French delegation was to study the Italian regulations and the operating standards of a seaplane base and activity.

The program was to acquire all the information in order to open 107 water surfaces for seaplane operations in France.

Mr.  Gandil and his staff gave a clear demonstration of how a wise Authority behaves: the first step in issuing regulations is the study of the problem in all aspects, checking how it has been faced and solved by others, with the help of competent consultants.


Patrick Gandil, Director General of the French DGAC, Direction Général de l’Aviation Civile, and his team received by Cesare Baj at Como seaplane base.


Patrick Gandil in the schoolroom, where a series of conferences were offered to the French delegation by the managers and the staff of Aero Club Como.