Team members Carnabuci and Cereda are involved as respectively Head of Training and Chief Instructor in the flight school of Como, managed by Aero Club Como. Carnabuci and Cereda are also qualified as Examiners by the Aviation Authority.

Team member Karen Stemwell has a wide instructional experience in the Seattle area.

Instruction at Aero Club Como on all types of seaplanes. From left, floatplane, amphibious floatplane, amphibious flying boat.
Advanced training at Aero Club Como. From left: on a high altitude Alpine lake, taxiing over the submerged village of Curon Venosta; landing on a river; a skillful approach to an unprepared shore.

They learned to fly seaplanes at Aero Club Como flight school…

Top, André Turcat, test pilot of the “Concorde”; the French test pilot Jean-Pierre van Acker; the owner and the chief pilot of Avialsa, a company providing a nation-wide firefighting service in Spain.
Above, Astronaut Maurizio Cheli with his wife, herself a jet pilot, who got their seaplane rating at Como; Christophe Kekeis, commander in chief of the Swiss Armed Forces; Aero Club Como Instructor Carlo Novati with a captain of Lufthansa after a lesson.