Seaplanes are mostly produced in the American continent. Most of the  Team members operate in other continents and have a consistent experience in buying seaplanes in the United States and Canada. During decades of activity, they learned how to make them ready to be exported, how to ferry them or dismantle, crate and ship the them across oceans and how to import them into the countries of destination.


Pre-purchase inspection of seaplanes of various type. Left, Team members Giorgio Porta and Danilo Pecora inspecting a Cessna 172 XP in a small airport in Idaho – USA. The aircraft was eventually dismantled and transported to Como.
Center, inspection of the landing gear of a Lake Buccaneer. Right, check of the presence of metal debris in the oil filter.


The chief mechanic of Aero Club Como Danilo Pecora in Sweden, checking all the documents of a seaplane being purchased, in the background.
Center and right, containerization of a Republic Seabee and a Cessna 172 to be shipped from the USA to Italy.


Preparation of a Cessna 206 for the ferry flight from Minneapolis to Como, through the Azores; the supplementary tank is already installed. Right, a moment of the ferry flight in the frozen far north of the US; temperature: -30 °C.


The ferry flight of a Maule M7 made by Aero Club Como pilot Roberto Ruberto, from Georgia (USA) to Como, through the “high route” (Nova Scotia, Labrador, Baffin Island, Greenland, Iceland, Faroer, Scotland). Left, approaching an airstrip in the Baffin Island. Center, Roberto Ruberto. Right, the route.