Maintenance is a key-factor in the management of any aviation operation. In the case of a seaplane operation, it is even more critical, as these operations take normally place outside the “normal” aviation world, if not  in remote areas with no infrastructures, and parts have to arrive from far-away.

In the pictures, works made by the technical staff of Aero Club Como.


Left, the staff of Aero Club Como at work on a Piper.
Center, a Lake taken to the base after an emergency landing in a field.
Right, straight/amphibious floats exchange on a Cessna 206.


Left, works on a Cessna at 1500 kms from the base.
Center and right, works on vintage seaplanes. Center, the fuselage of a Macchi MB 308 is taken to the hangar for repairs. Right, the inauguration of the 1935Caproni CA 100 after its complete refurbishment.


Left, a third party’s Cessna in the hangar of Como for an inspection. Center, inspection of a Lycoming IO-360 installed on a Lake 200. Right, works on a Piper “Super Cub”.


Large seaplanes at Como seaplane base. Left, Dorrner 24. Center, “Twin Otter”. Right, Grumman “Albatross”. Seaplanes coming from far away need very often assistance care, shelter, fuel, expert personnel.