Seaplanes have a great potential in the production of films and advertisements.
Nice object themselves, having a great history, they can operate in all environments where water is present, i.e. almost everywhere.
Here are some examples of films, documentaries, advertisements and commercials relized with the seaplanes of Aero Club Como.


Films and documentaries

The Cessna 206 of Aero Club Como in the island of Samos, Greece, for the shootings of the Bollywood film “Game”.


Shootings for a French produced film on a high-altitude lake of Bulgaria; the aircraft is the Maule of Aero Club Como.
The Piper PA-18 on the high-altitude tiny Lake Braies, in the Alps, for the shootings of a film for the Italian national chennel RAI 1.


Left, Michael Portillo, ex Her Majesty’s minister, acting as the anchorman of a BBC 2 cultural program; here at Como seaplane base during the shootings in the Italian lake region, realized thank to a wide use of seaplanes. Center, a program of the Franco-German Tv “Arte” realized with the seaplanes of Aero Club Como. Right, shootings for the Japanese national Tv.
The Cessna L-19 on the Bracciano Lake. The film is “L’Aviatore” (The aviator), a true story of a Jewish saved by an Italian aviator during the German occupation. Aero Club Como pilot Roberto Ruberto (doubling the Aviator in the scenes involving the seaplane) is dressed after the 1944 fashion.


Shootings on Lake Lugano for a film of the German television ZDF.


Three scenes of the 10-episode docu-fiction “IDRO il viaggiatore”, produced and broadcasted by the Italian national Tv RAI 5. The subject is water flying, the scenary is the Lake Como and the actors are Elena Fergnani, Luigi Marangoni and Team Manager Cesare Baj.

View the trailer of the series “IDRO il viaggiatore”

In the occasion of the centenary of water aviation on Lake Como, the film-live “In volo nel tempo” was realized by director Mattia Costa, produced by BYfarm.

It was a successful experiments of a film projected live during the shootings. Weeks of trials have been necessary for the exact coordination.

The poster and a moment of the trials of the film-live “In volo nel tempo”.


The Team has access to important archives of documents and images and collections of objects related to water flying. They can be used for documentation purposes or directly in a set.


Advertisements and commercials

Left, shootings for a catalogue of the German fashion house Aigner. Center, shootings for Mercedes. Right, George Clooney after the shootings with the pilots and mechanics of Aero Club Como, again for Mercedes.


Lake 250 in the island of Mykonos, Greece, for the shootings of a commercial for Nestlé.


Advertising a speedboat and a scooter.


Seaplanes used to advertise fashion products.


Como 17 maggio 2010, set di riprese all'hangar
The vintage Caproni is a fascinating set for these shootings.


Storyboard for a commercial of Amaro Montenegro. Center, a seaplane painted red, as requested by the director. Right, the set, in a desert bay of Sardinia.

View the commercial of Amaro Montenegro