Every activity needs promotion. Here are some examples of promotional activities and materials produced by Aero Club Como.


A press office properly interacting with the media is a must. Above, a few covers and articles on the Aero Club Como published by magazines and newspapers.


Aero Club Como participates every year in a series of exhibitions and fairs. Left, a small-scale replica of the hangar.


Promotional roll-up panels to be taken to exhibitions. They can also be transported by seaplane to the places where open-air events occur.


Left, Aero Club Como brochure. Center and right, brochures issued before and after the celebrations of the centenary of water flying on Lake Como, in 2013. The brochure in the center has been diffused in the world seaplane pilots community through the specialized magazine “Water Flying”.
Books on water flying written by Cesare Baj. The manual on “how to fly seaplanes” exists in Italian, English, French and is being translated into Russian.


The diffusion of videos and documentaries through the web and televisions helps to keep well alive the attention of large audiences.

View these videos realized to promote Aero Club Como in the web



Promotion means not only presenting specific products or market opportunities, but evoking the mythic aspects of the product or service being provided, and let them become an element of the collective imagination. Below, as an example, a small album of images concerning the history of water aviation.

Flip through the album “Seaplanes in the collective imagination”