The capability of seaplanes to operate wherever water is present make these type of aircraft suitable for the accomplishment of a wide variety of missions.

From the Artic to the rainforest, from the metropolitan areas to the most remote places in the wilderness, seaplanes can be use to transport people and goods or simply to enjoy natural and artificial panoramas from a very special point of view.

Here are some examples of expeditions, special missions and operations accomplished thanks to seaplanes.


Long journeys by seaplane. Left, Aero Club Como crew crossing the Atlantic with a Lake amphibian. Center, overflying Greenland. Right, excursion to an uninhabited island of the Australian reef with a Grumman “Turbo Mallard” being evaluated for purchase by Team member Cesare Baj.


Left, a mission to the Greek island of Santorini.
Center, overflying Lake Skotor, in Montenegro.
Right, a mission to a lake of Southern Spain, formed by the Guadalquivir river.


The great airshow and seaplane gathering of Biscarrosse, France, was born in 1991 upon an idea of the Museum of Water Aviation of Biscarrosse and Aero Club Como. Left, the first edition of the event, with two floatplanes of Aero Club Como.
Center, approach to Saint Moritz, Switzerland, the highest airport in Europe (altitude 5800 ft).
Right, a very special mission to the Italian enclave of Campione, on Lake Lugano, surrounded by Swiss territory.


Celebration flights. Top, an Aero Club Como seaplane on March 10th 2010 exactly where the first seaplane flew on March 10th 1910, at Martigues, France.
Right, a celebration flight made on Lake Como on December 17th 2003 at 10:35 EST, exactly the same time one century after the Wright flight of December 17th 1903.
Above left, after 70 years, a seaplane again on the ramp of Orbetello, from where Italo Balbo departed in the ’30s for his intercontinental flights.
Center, Roland Garros on Lake Como in 1913. Right, the celebration flight made on October 5th 2013.


Seaplane Team’s members who manage Aero Club Como have an extended experience in organizing seaplane events. Above, a few promotional posters.


One of the the preferred activities by seaplane pilots is hopping from lake to lake, from a bay to another, from an island to another in search for nice restaurants. Center and right, at restaurants on Lake Como. Left, the same activity in the ’50s with the Aero Club Como Republic “Seabee”.



Seaplanes used for pleasure. Left, what is better than a stop and a refreshing bath in a hot summer day? Right, arriving to the hotel by seaplanes.
During Christmas time Aero Club Como organizes a flight for the children of the province. In record year 2006, 954 children flew over Lake Como.