Seaplane, an ancient flying machine
with a bright future

The ideal instrument for developing tourism
A new entry in the world of intermodal transportation

Seaplanes are very versatile aircraft that can operate in a wide variety of environments, from the metropolitan areas to the extreme wilderness. Seaplanes allow operations unthinkable with any other means of transport and open markets that would normally be unreachable for a normal aviation business.

Seaplane can also play a role as the first or last ring of intermodal transportation chains. They can take passengers between an intermediate stop or a hub and the very final destination, when this is close to a water surface, whether it’s the centre of a town on a river, a tourist resort, a lake, a place on the sea, an island.

In addition, seaplanes are the safest type of aircraft, as they can land on both water and land with minimal damages even in an emergency, and in case of impact give to the occupants an exceptional level of protection.

Seaplanes are also the most environmental friendly flying machines, as they do not need for their operations infrastructures different from natural water, making no use of land.
In addition, seaplane do not need an exclusive use of water surfaces and normally share them with a variety of users.

Last but not least, seaplanes are among the less expensive tool for flying, considering the versatile service given.

This machines, born with aviation itself, are prototypes of the utility aircraft, the means of transport associated with adventure , beloved toys for the wealthiest, but also effective  instruments to offer valuable services to remote communities and bring help and hope to the poorest.

Far from being a remnant of the earliest times of flying, seaplanes can be a powerful instrument for developing aviation and tourism.

The goal of the Seaplane Team is to offer a comprehensive consultancy service on the setting up of seaplane operations, seaplane bases and flight schools for seaplane pilots.

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